Harry Guy

The story starts in a familiar place: a passion for cooking since childhood. For some, it’s a hobby. For others, it’s a job. For Harry Guy, it’s a vocation.

Harry grew up in Warwickshire and, since the age of 14, has worked with an unwavering commitment to his craft.

‘Illustrious career’ is a stock phrase in chef bios, but there’s no better way to describe Harry’s culinary experience. Having worked in some of the most celebrated kitchens in the world, his résumé reads like a ‘Restaurants You Must Visit Before You Die; list, spanning L’enclume, Roganic, Aulis, Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill, Le Carré Gourmand and Mallory Court Hotel, to name a few.

The highlight of Harry’s career to date is winning The Roux Scholarship: one of the world’s most prestigious competitions for chefs. He completed his stage at three-star Michelin restaurant Saison in San Francisco, under the tutelage of acclaimed chef, Joshua Skenes.

A couple of years later, Harry was entrusted with the task of orchestrating and contributing to Simon Rogan’s eagerly-anticipated cookbook, Rogan. Having headed up Simon’s kitchens and events across the world as a Chef and Operations Manager, Harry has an unrivalled knowledge of what it takes to achieve culinary perfection.

Throughout the course of his career, Harry has developed his own cooking style. With a dedicated appreciation for fine, seasonal produce, he creates delicious, flavour-driven food, without too much reliance on technology and complexity.

A new chapter begins.

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